London Zoo – 35mm slides from 1980 (part 2)

This is a follow up to the post of a couple of weeks ago with some more pictures taken c1980 with either a Petri MF-1 or an Olympus OM-20 camera.

Having sorted through some more of my Dad’s old box of slides I found a further two sets of colour slide films which I took during a visit to London zoo. These were all duplicated with a slide duplicator rather than scanned and I think they are better as a result.

All of these were duplicated using a Ricanon 50mm f/2 lens fitted to my Sony Nex with the slide duplicator fitted to the filter thread of the lens. This seems to give better results than the Helios 44 I was originally using, and because the lens is slightly wider at 50mm makes it easier to position the image of the slide in the middle of the frame. I think that a very sunny day also helped as I was able to take most of these shots at f/8.

I think the colour rendition of these shots is really good and shows the sort of results possible with film. Being more familiar with digital has probably made me a bit forgetful of the fantastic results a correctly exposed 35mm film is capable of.

All of these shots had a little bit of clarity added in Lightroom and some general exposure tweaks, but no more than about 1/2 stop.

London Zoom 1980 Pictures

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