Paris holiday in 1999

This is a photography post with a difference – the pictures were all taken 15 years ago in November 1999 on a work social club weekend in Paris.

Paris 1999 Photos

I’ve been sorting through some old 35mm negatives and pictures and I found these pictures of Paris. As well as the negatives and prints I also have a CD with the scanned images on, which was a common addition in the late 1990’s – film was very much better quality than digital at the time but it was becoming convenient to view pictures on computers.

The pictures shown here are the scanned images which have been post processed in Lightroom 5 to slightly correct the exposure, increase the contrast and also slightly boost the clarity. Since these are jpeg files I didn’t go too far with post processing.

I remember the trip well – it was a little white before the turn of the century and the trip had been organized by the Marconi Sports and Social club as a weekend visit. Because family could also be included as well as Jan and I we took along my Mother and Father and my Sister (this was before we had any children).

We crossed on the ferry overnight on Friday and had a coach trip into Paris on the Saturday morning. We spent the day looking around Paris, spent the night in a motel and then went to Versailles on the Sunday morning. There was another coach trip back to the ferry and a Sunday afternoon sail back to the UK.

Looking back at the pictures of the Paris skyline I’m a little confused – In my memory I took those pictures from the Eiffel Tower, but I can see the Eiffel Tower in some of them so I obviously didn’t. I wonder where I did take them from?

The photographs here were taken with two cameras I believe. I used a Canon EOS300 35mm camera with a 28 to 80mm zoom, and Janice used a Pentax 35mm compact camera. I know I still have the Canon and I believe the Pentax is also in a cupboard somewhere around.

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