Macro picture of Chives

Macro picture of Chives 1

Whilst I was writing my post about macro options at the weekend I felt inspired to go out into the garden with my Tamron 90mm macro lens mounted on my Nex 6 to put into practice some of the techniques I’d been writing about. This picture was taken in the small herb garden where we have mint, basil etc growing and I found the chives had small flowers growing. I got down low so I could focus on one flower whilst getting another in the background, which I think aids composition.

I did a small amount of post-processing in Lightroom to tweak the exposure and increase the clarity slightly, and put a small amount of additional blur on the flower head in the background.

  • Sony Nex 6
  • Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro
  • iso 125
  • 1/1000

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