A walk round foggy bottom gardens

This post is about the Foggy Bottom gardens which are at Bressingham gardens near Diss in Norfolk. We went the Bressingham to see the Steam Engines and discovered the Foggy Bottom gardens towards the end of the day when James and Emma were tired enough to allow us to walk around them. 

Foggy Bottom Pictures

The gardens were apparently designed by Adrian Bloom, and have grown in size since he started them in 1962 to cover an area of 6 acres.

We have not normally been particularly interested in gardens – we walk through them and enjoy the colours and scents, but at the moment we are trying to sort out our own garden and it was therefore of more interest. Our own garden is a typical modern house patch which covers only a fraction of the area, but it was still interesting to see which plants go together and the sort of areas individual plants thrive in. Admittedly, I left most of that to Jan as I wondered round taking pictures!

Most to these were taken with my Soligor C/D 28mm f/2.8 fitted to my Sony Nex 6.

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