Dunwich Heath on the Suffolk Coast

This post is to highlight the best of the pictures  I took during our recent visit to the National Trust site at Dunwich Heath on the Suffolk coast.

Pictures of Dunwich Heath

Some of these pictures have already been published in my Favourite Pictures series, but I wanted to record our trip for the rest of the family to see and include the ‘best of the rest’ of the pictures. These pictures were taken with some of the manual prime lenses I took on holiday with me. The majority with the Soligor C/D 28mm and a few with Takumar 55mm and the Vivitar Series one zoom. To see the pictures in full size use this link.

I discovered a few days before we went to Dunwich that I had picked up some dirt on the sensor of my Nex 6 so I was trying to keep the lens aperture open as wide as possible to minimize the amount this showed up, but it was a very bright and clear day when we visited so on some of the images I had to stop the lens down beyond f/8. On a couple of the pictures this led to visible marks, so as well as my normal Lightroom processing steps, I also had to use photoshop on a couple of pictures to remove those, and on one picture I removed a background distraction.

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    1. Thanks Pat – yes we did. In fact I’ve still got about 6 or 7 posts I need to complete with all the different places we went and photos I took during our week away!

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