Bluebell woods in stevenage

For many years when it gets to late April I have thought ‘I really must get to the bluebell woods in Stevenage and take some pictures’, and each year I’ve always managed to not quite make it there. Well this year was different and I finally managed to get to take some pictures of bluebells.

These were all taken about a week ago, after we returned from holiday.

Because my Sony Nex 6 has some dust on the sensor I took these with the Pentax K5 and the Sigma 18-125mm HSM zoom and Tamron 10-24mm super wide angle zoom. To be honest, I believe the bluebells were actually at their best about a week before I went, but since we were away I couldn’t go then.

So these are what I consider to  be the best of the pictures I took that day and I promised myself I really must try next year to get there when they are in their prime.

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