Sony Nex 6 panorama function

Beach panorama produced camera with Sony Nex 6

When we were on holiday I wanted to try out the Sony nex 6 panorama setting, which will create a panoramic picture in real time as you hold the shutter button and sweep the camera. The image above is one I took on the beach at Dunwich in Suffolk and I think it actually works quite well. There is no obvious stitching errors that I can see and considering this was produced within about 3 seconds of me releasing the shutter it’s pretty good. Also, neither of the groups in the picture were standing still as I captured, this so there is remarkably little movement shown.

In operation it is remarkably simple. I just selected the panorama shooting mode from the main mode dial, select the direction I wanted to sweep the camera using the main dial, and then sweep the camera as I held the shutter. The camera fires in a fairly quick sequence and a couple of seconds after I finished the picture is produced.

I wasn’t sure if it would work with a manual lens attached to the camera – I wondered if some interaction between the camera body and the lens was necessary, but this was obviously not the case. The one downside is that the picture produced is only in jpeg format.

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