Favourite Pictures – The jesters cap

Favourite Pictures - The jesters cap 1
The jesters cap

This is another of the pictures I took at Kentwell Hall during their recent ‘Tudor Day’. It is a couple of Jesters Caps which was left discarded on a pile of banners and bunting on a bed in one of the outer barns and I took it with the available light in the barn. It was the lighting which attracted me to the picture because in the dingy interior it was a beacon of colour sitting on the bed.

Because of the low light this was taken at iso 800 with a wide open aperture of f/2.8 on the Soligor C/D 28mm

  • Sony Nex 6
  • Soligor C/D 28mm f/2.8
  • iso 800
  • 1/60
  • f/2.8

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