Favourite pictures – The Wool Dyer

When I first started this blog one of the reasons I wanted to write it was to publish some of my favourite pictures – in fact the tag line to the blog reads ‘My favourite pictures and other things’. For that reason I’ve decided to resurrect that aim with a few posts from our holiday in Suffolk. Because I took a lot of pictures I think this will mean that I will increase my frequency of posting for a bit to work through this backlog.

So I’m going to start with this picture of ‘The Wool Dyer’ which I took at Kentwell Hall in Suffolk where they were hosting a Tudor Day.

Favourite pictures - The Wool Dyer 1
The wool dyer

This picture was taken with a 1980’s Soligor 28mm f/2.8 lens (equivalent to 42mm on my Nex 6) and I think it was at about f/5.6. The first thing we saw as we approached the weaving shed was the colourful line of wools drying in the sun and I wanted to use these to lead the eye into the main subject of the picture which is the wool dyer herself.

  • Sony Nex 6
  • Soligor 28mm f/2.8 K-Mount wide angle lens
  • f/5.6
  • 1/125
  • iso 100


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    1. Thanks – I did do a small amount of post processing but the soligor lens is really good at colour. Considering it’s possible to pick one up for a few pounds it’s a real bargain.

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