Camdiox focal reducer real world examples

I have had a few opportunities to take a few more pictures with my camdiox focal reducer or wide angle adapter, so as I said I would I have included them in a separate post.

They are not specially interesting artistically, but they show the sort of technical image quality possible. I shall add more images to this post as I obtain them. All of the pictures below were taken with a takumar 28mm f/3.5 lens unless otherwise marked, and I have done a small amount of post processing on them.

Unfortunately, because I was experimenting with adding lens metadata with the sony lens correction app, some of these were shot in jpeg which made post processing more complex.

Note: There are also some examples with this adapter and a takumar 28mm f/3.5 lens here and more using a takumar 28 f/3.5 and 55 f/1.8 here

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  1. Hi Simon, I’m considering getting one of these. I was looking at the M42 > NEX version as I mostly use M42 lenses (I already have the simple M42 > NEX adapter) but I like your clever idea of using an EOS > NEX adapter then using further EOS adapters. I have an EOS film body plus M42 > EOS and C/Y > EOS adapters so could use those straight away.

    What are your thoughts a few years later on the Camdiox adapter? Have you used it much? Is it worth it to get (virtually) the “normal” focal length of the vintage lenses? I’m not too bothered about the crop factor, but it would be interesting and convenient to have the same lens give the same field of view on both film and digital.



    1. Hi Dan – I haven’t actually used the Camdiox much lately because I’ve moved to a Fuji X-T1 from my Nex 6. To answer your question however I am still pretty impressed with the Camdiox and I have been looking at buying another to fit the Fuji X mount so I can get the proper focal lengths out of some of the wide angle lenses I have. The Takumar 28 in particular is a great lens but if I use it with a standard adapter it’s just a slightly wide rather than a properly wide angle lens.

      1. Ok thanks Simon. I’m actually wondering whether I need to have the lenses at their “normal” field of view anyway.

        I don’t especially use wide angle lenses and at the other end quite like using say a 135mm lens on my NEX and the field of view it gives.

        Something to put on my wishlist for the future maybe!

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