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Soligor 28mm C/D on Sony Nex

The lens I’ve had fitted to my Nex 6 today is a Soligor 28mm C/D f/2.8 k mount lens from about 1980 which is another of the lenses my father bought to use on his Pentax P30. To make a change I wandered down to Stevenage old town this lunchtime to try a few shots in less familiar surroundings.

Soligor 28mm C/D sample images

I don’t think this was a particularly expensive lens when my father bought it, in fact I think it must have been quite cheap because we didn’t have loads of money, so I wasn’t expecting brilliant results from it. A quick search on e-bay suggests that you could pick one up for between £25 and £75 depending on the mount fitted.

If you examine the images at 100% for pixel peeping quality you will find that the corners of the images, when the aperture is fully open are a bit smeary and soft, but if you look at the overall image at a normal size I would say this has produced quite nice results. There is a fair amount of detail in the shots and the colour rendition is nice. I particularly like the fact that this lens allows close focusing, and used it to take some nice closeup flower pictures, although the majority of the pictures here are not close ups. I deliberately tried shooting a shot looking up at the railway bridge with the sun peeping out of the corner and there is remarkably little flair showing. For the record, I had a ‘Sigma perfect hood’ clipped onto the front of the lens for the duration of this test and a 49mm Hoya skylight (1B) filter fitted.

These shots went through my normal Lightroom processing steps. Click on any picture for a bigger clearer image or to view in full size follow this link and navigate by clicking each picture or moving to the next with the keyboard arrow keys).

Lens details

  • Soligor C/D Wide-Auto 1:2.8 28mm
  • Focal Length 28mm
  • Effective focal length 42mm
  • f/2.8 max aperture
  • f/22 min aperture
  • ‘A’ position on aperture ring
  • Macro focusing to 1:4
  • 49mm filter thread.

I’m hoping my next lens in this series will be a Pentax Takumar 28mm f/3.5 which I acquired from e-bay yesterday.


I’m a software developer by profession but I’ve been taking pictures since I was about 8 years old. In that time I’ve owned cameras of all types and sizes from 120 roll film thro’ 35mm to my current Pentax K-5, Ricoh GXR + P10/S10/A12 28mm/A12 50mm, Canon S95 and recently acquired Sony NEX 6.

  1. Nice work. Soligor was under appreciated in its time – glad to to see these crisp, clean lovely shots with it – comfortable looking little village!

    1. Thanks for the comments. Yes I like the soligor – I keep looking on ebay for any other examples just to see if mine is typical!

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