Samples from an SMC Pentax A f/1.7 50mm prime

This is a short post with a few pictures I snapped over the last few days with an SMC Pentax A f/1.7 50mm prime lens (75mm on aps-c) fitted to my Sony NEX 6 mirrorless camera.

SMC Pentax A f/1.7 50mm samples

I acquired this SMC f/1.7 50mm lens when my Dad gave me his Pentax P30 a couple of years ago. It is the standard lens which was supplied with that, and when I received it the lens became another candidate for trying on my Sony Nex 6 where it becomes the equivalent of a 75mm short telephoto because of the crop factor of the sensor. The formal type number for this lens is the SMC Pentax A f/1.7 50mm and the native mount of the lens is Pentax K mount, so I used a Sony Nex to K mount adapter to try the lens out.

Being a fast prime means there is plenty of opportunity for shallow depth of field experiments and that is what I’ve been concentrating on over the last couple of days. Most of these shots were taken at f/2.8 or less and shot with shutter priority mode selected on the camera and auto iso.

Shooting with this lens has been a lot of fun over the last few days – so much so that it made me start to think about buying a Lens Turbo adaptor to remove the crop factor and reduce the lens focal length back to about 50mm. If I do that I’ll be sure to post !

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