A walk with a macro lens

This post is about the pictures I took with a Tamron 90mm Macro lens fitted to a Sony NEX 6.

The last few months have been cold and wet but today has brought a change with some sun and a nice increase to the temperature so I thought I would go out and try to get some pictures to show the start of spring. I’ve recently bought a Pentax K mount to NEX adaptor to let me fit my existing lenses to my NEX 6. Of course they all work on the NEX as manual lenses, but the focus peaking mode assists with getting the focus right and shooting in shutter priority mode allows me to make sure I don’t have a shutter speed low enough to allow camera shake. Using this adaptor allowed my to try some macro shots with my NEX and my Tamron 90mm macro lens.

All the pictures shown here were taken within a mile of my house in Stevenage. Not all follow the theme of ‘The start of spring’ but they are all images I found interesting. They have all been shot in RAW and post processed in Lightroom and one shot had a bit of a clean up in Photoshop.

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