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I guess everybody had heard that Adobe have moved their software from a purchase model to a subscription based model and has their own views on the rights and wrongs of that move. I hadn’t really bothered about it much because the cost of subscribing to creative cloud for an enthusiastic amateur was simply too much to make it even remotely worth while.

Recently however, Adobe have added a new price plan to their offering which is aimed squarely at my type of usage. Until Monday 2nd December it is possible to subscribe to a ‘photographers’ plan which gives access to Lightroom and Photoshop for only about £10 per month as long as you sign up for a full year. Since I tend to upgrade my copy of Lightroom each year anyway, which costs me about £50, it seems to make sense for me to subscribe to the plan so this morning I took the plunge and went ahead and signed up.

So I now have access to the full Photoshop CC as well as Lightroom and Bridge. My initial experiments with Photoshop have been quite interesting – I’ve discovered the tilt-shift blur and had a play with adding different effects on non-destructive layers.

Suddenly my Christmas wish list has a whole load of additional books about Photoshop techniques !

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  1. I’ve thought about making the plunge … but, I really like using other software (Nik, Topaz), and they’re plug-ins to my copy of Lightroom … I’m guessing that when you use the cloud, you can’t use plug-ins? So you’d have to export and import a lot? I was browsing their website, looking for the answer to the plug-in question, but, so far, haven’t been able to find an answer (which I think means the answer is ‘no’.) 🙂

    1. I’m not sure – I haven’t installed the cc copy of Lightroom since I have a copy anyway. Really I justified the cost simply on the price I would pay against what I would pay for a lightroom upgrade next year and compared that with what it would have cost me to buy photoshop (if it was still available as a stand alone product). On that basis I can keep Lightroom as a standalone product at the moment and review next year when it gets closer to the renewal time

  2. i don’t think there is a wrong think it’s the best thing Adobe has done tbh, like i say in my other comment on your other blog, i been with serif since around 2006/7, doodling and building websites and the such over there in seriff software so coming across a few months ago to Adobe i had an amazing blog to learn loads from but without the software all you can do is watch and learn, serif has a blog ect but not like Adobe whilst ever Adobe was over £1,000 to buy as stand alone software then what mum can afford that? i’m now an adobe student and able to use the Adobe software via subscribtion i think it’s the best thing Adobe have done well one of the best anyway .

  3. come to think of it what student can afford that stand alone fee and their college fees on top, we get to do what we want, create what we want all from behind the comfort of our own computers , kettle on here then back to it. 🙂

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