Minolta 7000 sample pictures

I’ve updated my Minolta 7000 post with the pictures from the camera but for the purposes of being thorough I’ve written this post to publish the Minolta 7000 sample pictures. I have to say that I’m disappointed with the processing of the film; I think the next time I shoot film I will pay a bit more and try a proper processing service rather than the local Tesco!

Minolta 7000 sample pictures.

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  1. The scanning seems to have included a lot of dust and such. I use Snappy Snaps in Lincoln and they are excellent – I have never had anything wrong with either developing or scanning. But occasionally I use 120 B&W film which they send off to be developed and scanned and where ever they send it too always includes dust in the scanning. You need to find somewhere where the staff are bothered – it does not seem to be related to price in my experience.

    1. I think you are right. I might try scanning a strip of the negatives myself to make sure it is just on the scanning. It would be interesting to try another reel of film in the same camera but send the film to a good developing service just to see the difference.

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