Learning to touch type

Learning to touch type 1
A computer keyboard with the keys blanked out

I taught myself to touch type many years ago but because I type computer code all day long, which involves lots of brackets and punctuation, I have always found that it is actually quicker to ‘hunt & peck’ my way round the keyboard rather than touch type. However, over the last few months I’m finding that my eyes are getting more and more tired from constantly changing focus between the screen and the keyboard so I’ve decided I need to re-learn.

So my method for this is shown above; My wife Jan has cut me some small vinyl squares to stick over the keycaps on the letters of my keyboard so that I won’t get any advantage from looking !

So far it’s been infuriating because it took five attempts to log in to the computer, but hopefully it will fast track me back to typing without looking at the keyboard. I’v also registered on http://www.typingweb.com/ and I’m working my way through the lessons.

I think the next step will be to get a nice mechanical switch keyboard, perhaps a blank DAS Keyboard.

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