A visit to the Duxford Aircraft museum

This is a post about a trip to the Duxford Aircraft museum in Cambridgeshire which we visited a few years ago in October  2010 with a good friend of mine, Steve Martin and his Son and Father.

Pictures from the Duxford Aircraft museum

At the time I had a Pentax K200D camera which is what I used to take all these pictures. The majority of them are taken with a Tamron 70-300mm Telephoto Zoom, with occasional use of the on camera flash.

We had a nice day walking round the large hangers at Duxford with the different aircraft in. There was a development model of the Concorde on display without seating but filled with racks of equipment used during the test flights. I had no idea that Concorde was so small inside!

There were also lots of war planes from both world wars as well as a variety of commercial aircraft. On the particular day we visited, there were no actual air displays going on, but it was possible to pay £35 and have a trip around the airfield in one of the small planes. The picture above of a plane coming into land is one of the planes taking visitors for a spin round the airfield.

I’m not particularly interested in aircraft but I still found the visit quite interesting and would recommend it to others

  • Pentax K200D
  • Tamron 70-300mm Zoom

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  1. Lovely shots mate. I’ve passed Duxford a few times while travelling through work and put it on my list of places to stop off at… one of these days I suppose! 🙂

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