Panorama effect from wide angle

Panaroma Effect
Panorama effect of Duham City centre

I took this picture of the centre of Durham using the 10mm setting of my Tamron 10-24mm Super wide angle zoom. Once I imported the picture into Lightroom I realised that the shot has more impact when cropped down to a panorama style image, cutting out a lot of the foreground which was just pavement. I’ve used this technique quite a few times to create a panorama style shot; I know it doesn’t have the full reach of a stitched panorama, but it’s still quite effective.

I used Lightroom to post-process, adjusting the colour balance , exposure and increase clarity a bit as well as applying the cropping.

  • Pentax K5
  • Tamron 10-24mm
  • F/7.1
  • 1/320
  • iso200
  • 10mm

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