Update on my view numbers

I’ve been doing a bit more research and I’ve cleared up a couple of misunderstandings on my part.

I originally thought that the number of search results I was appearing in was unchanged, and I couldn’t understand why my views were dropping. I’ve since worked out that although some search terms are unaffected (for example my post on  ‘minolta dynax 5’ is still on the first page when I do a google search for it), overall the number of times my pages appear in search results has dropped dramatically. For example, two weeks ago I had an average of 700 search result returns and about 60 of those were clicked. Now I get about 100 and about 5 are clicked.

What I still can’t work out is why ?

It could be that I had a ‘new site’ boost added to my wordpress blog for the first few months as the search engines worked out how interesting it is or it could be that I’ve stopped posting so regularly. Interestingly, before I moved my blog to wordpress I got about 80 views a day on my blogger account which only had about 30 posts. I wonder if the fact that google owns blogger is related ?

Whatever it is, I suppose it gives me an goal to aim for over the next couple of months – try to get the views back where they were 🙂

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