What has happened to my wordpress views ?

I’m not hugely concerned with the number of views I get on my blog, but I keep an eye on them so I know from day to day roughly how many views I’m getting. Up until Sunday I was normally averaging between 60 – 120 a day. On Sunday I only got 16 views and since then I’ve been averaging significantly less – about 15. Now as far as I can see my google page rank hasn’t changed for the terms I rank well on. For example I’m on page one for ‘minolta dynax 5’, ‘probook 45403 hackintosh’ and ‘yashica MG-1 battery’ and as far as I can see those ranking still apply.

Has anyone else experienced dramatic view reduction over the last few days ? I wonder if wordpress.com has had some problems ?

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    1. I guess it’s probably just variation as you say. Oddly, my flickr account has gone mad the other way with my views going from their usual 100 odd a day to 300 – 500 a day !

  1. I have been having similar issues with my stats–to the point that I question how accurate stats are on wordpress or flickr (my flickr stats are way off–that or the page views on each photo is off; the numbers don’t jibe). Thank you for teaching me about google ranking…for me and my sites that exercise proved to be…humbling!

    1. Yes – I’m beginning to think that the flickr numbers are almost randonly generated. I have posted a new picture with one days views and still have a total for that picture greater than the single day !

  2. One thing I’ve noticed in the few years I’ve been on WordPress is that this time of year is slow — summer is winding down, people are on vacation, kids in many places around here are just starting, or going to start school… it’s a busy time in life, and a slow time in blogging .. August traffic on my sites is always lower …

    1. Ah – thanks John that could be it. It just seems that the google rank hasn’t changed, there are just less people doing searches. That could explain it.

      Unfortunately I don’t have a full years wordpress blog data to go on so I have no historical context

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