Rain stops play

I’ve been a cricket fan for the last 40 year and remember many happy hours watching cricket over the years. Rain has always been a problem, with many games drawn which could have been won or lost. Currently it’s raining at Old Trafford and that looks like it will help England get a draw out of a game they would almost certainly have lost (and may still loose).

I know lots of people think that more should be done to allow 5 full days of play – I think that these interruptions have been part of cricket for years and that it’s all part of the game. It all evens out in the end.

One thing I can’t understand is England fans who think it would be good for Australia to win this Test as it opens up the series. I don’t ever recall an Australian fan voicing that opinion when they were beating us in every series in the 1990’s and 2000’s. That is probably why British teams don’t succeed in the way the very strong teams from Australia, West Indies etc have in the past. Personally I have no problem watching England win every test !

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