Abstract image with Ricoh GXR

Abstract image with Ricoh GXR 1

I took my new GXR into work today and I was playing about with a feature called Full Press Snap. This allows you to set a default focus distance so that if you take a picture by fully pressing the shutter without the half press to focus, the camera automatically focuses to the set distance and takes the exposure. This is a great feature for Street Photography, because you can take the picture almost instantly. With a small sensor unit fitted and the aperture set to f/7.0, almost everything is in focus.

I was playing with this and inadvertantly took a picture of the router which sets on a colleagues desk. I was about to delete it when I thought to myself, ‘actually, that’s quite nice’!

So here is my abstract image called ‘Router’

  • Ricoh GXR + P10
  • f/7.7
  • iso400
  • 1/10sec
  • 6mm

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