Ricoh GXR P10 initial shots / thoughts

I’ve had my Ricoh GXR P10 camera for a few days now and took it to my Son’s cricket practice this morning to see how it performs. Below are the pictures I took – click any for a better sized image.

Although I bought this camera with a P10 unit because that was the best cost deal at Clifton Cameras, I could see that if I could ever afford to buy some Leica M-Mount lenses and the 12M APS-C GXR module, this would probably become my favourite camera system.

Ricoh GXR P10 Images

Points I’ve noticed.

  • It is apparent that the Ricoh GXR P10 combination is a small sensor camera unit and therefore doesn’t have the dynamic range to accept a large amount of under or over exposure. I’ve post processed these images in Lightroom 4 and noticed that one of the standard adjustments I do (which is drop the highlights to recover detail in the sky) doesn’t have anything like the effect that it does with images taken with my Pentax K5.
  • The battery indicator is a bit inaccurate. It started to show yellow almost as soon as we arrived at the club, but I could take all these pictures even when the indicator was green. I also took a few minutes of video as well.
  • In common with all LCD cameras, the screen is very difficult to see in bright sunlight. At least there is an electronic eyepiece viewfinder available for this camera.
  • The picture quality is (to my eyes anyway) on par with the images taken with my Canon S95 which has a similar sized sensor. The photographic functions available however far surpass that camera.

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