New Camera Ricoh GXR + P10

I’ve come to the conclusion that not only do I enjoy taking photographs, I also enjoy owning cameras !

Because I’ve accepted that I no longer feel guilty about buying new cameras, especially when I find a bargain. I’ve liked the look of the Ricoh GXR exchangeable module camera since it was introduced about 4 years ago, but I could never justify the original price asked. I found a few days ago however that Clifton Cameras have the unit on sale for only £199, and I couldn’t resist it.

The camera I bought is fitted with a small sensor 28 – 300mm equivalent lens, but one day I’ll buy either an A12 or A16 sensor unit. (I’ve got my eye on the A12 Leica mount unit with a Pentax adapter)

First impressions of the camera are mixed – the camera unit and the functions it offers are fantastic, the sensor unit are what you would expect for a 4 year old small sensor camera, but certainly not horribly bad. I’ve had the camera for 3 days now so I’ve not really had a chance to put it through it’s paces, but I hope to get out at the weekend to have a better go.

I’ll post a fuller  report later, with some images.

Edit: Couple of images added