35mm film development

I took my first couple of films for about 20 years into town to get them developed today. They are colour negative film which I’d put through a Minolta Dynax 5 and a Yashica 230 AF. My first call was to Boots where we used to have all our colour films developed when I was a teenager.

On inquiring if they still develop films I was told that they do but their developing machine is broken so they can’t at the moment. The interesting point however is that the machine went wrong a few months ago and they had decided not to bother to get it fixed but in the last few weeks they have had such a resurgence of people bringing film in that they are having it repaired !

I left Boots and went to Tesco where I asked the same question and was told that the number of customers bringing film in had also increased over the last few weeks and they were doing quite a brisk business. On top of that they would develop my films for 99p each (without prints)! In the end I am having them scanned to cd since that is only £3.49 each and saves me the time scanning them 6 at a time on our flatbed scanner.

Looking forward to picking up my film tomorrow.

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