Lonely seagull

Lonely Seagull
Lonely Seagull

This seagull was sitting out to sea in Sherringham on the North Norfolk coast.

I took this picture on the same day I took the picture of the boat on the pebble beach in August 2011. It was taken with a Tamron 70-300mm Tele Zoom set to the full 300mm on a Pentax K-r. Because the lens was set to the full telephoto setting I had to increase the iso quite a bit to enable me to hand hold the camera and still get a sharp image. I did a bit of post processing in Lightroom to increase the blue of the sea and sharpen the image.

Although this is a simple image I like this a lot.

  • Pentax K-r
  • Tamron 70-300mm
  • f/9.5
  • 1/2000
  • iso800

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