Hello there !

Hello there ! 1

I have to admit this picture was not taken with the intention of making it black & white but I’ve been inspired to create a few black & white posts over the last few days having seen some wonderful examples in other blogs around the web.

I was taking pictures of a small church in Codecote, Hertfordshire and as I got close to the fence I got an inquiring nose pushed towards the 10-24mm lens I had fitted to me camera. I turned the camera on the sheep and took a couple of shots of him.

It was quite a dull day in early January 2012 so this picture was taken at a low 1/30th at iso200, but because ite was such a wide angle shot (10mm) I could successfully hand hold at that speed. The post processing was in Lightroom where I converted to black & white and set the contrast a bit higher.

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