Hyde park Statue

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I mentioned in an earlier post about a trip we took to the Royal Albert Hall to hear my Son James sing in his school choir. The pictures above were also taken that day in May 2012.

We were walking through Hyde park on our way to the Princess Diana memorial fountain when I saw the statue of a warrior on horseback. I thought that it would make an interesting picture and got down low to emphasis the size of the statue. The first picture was taken at the wide-angle end of my Sigma 18-125mm lens. I then took a detailed shot from the same position, but zoomed the lens into 125mm and focused in on the statues face. I think the second shot has more impact – what do you think ?

  • Pentax K-r
  • Sigma 18-125 HSM
  • 1/750th @ f/3.8
  • 1/350th @ f/5.6

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    1. Thanks for commenting – Yes that was my view. I always find it difficult to judge my own pictures though. I can tell with one look if another persons picture appeals, but find it difficult to do the same with my own !

  1. Second Jackie’s comment.
    As an aside, I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been for you to see/hear your son sing at the Royal Albert Hall! Wow. Please pass my congratulations on to your son – quite an achievement!

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