Hyde Park

Hyde Park
Hyde park

This is a picture taken in Hyde Park, London in May last year. I can’t make my mind up if it’s good or not – it reminds me of a JigSaw puzzle picture.

Janice, Emma & I were walking round Hyde Park waiting to hear James sing in the Hertfordshire Schools Gala concert. We were lucky because the weather was dry and sunny, which was just as well since we had several hours to kill before we could enter the Royal Albert Hall where the concert was taking place. We had visited the Albert Memorial, the Lady Diana Spencer memorial Fountain (where Emma had a lot of fun paddling in the freezing cold water) and had walked along the side of the serpentine where I had taken a whole load of pictures.

This is taken by the edge of the serpentine – the couple in the picture were gazing into the centre of the road and I just snapped the picture. When I looked at the image in post processing I cropped it so that the seat was off to the right with the road running into the distance. Does this improve the picture ? I don’t know. Am I the only person that takes pictures and can easily see when a picture taken by someone else is good, but finds it difficult to do the same with his own ?

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