View of the Thames and the London Eye

A picture of the River thames and the london eye
Thames and the London Eye

My Daughter went on a school trip to the London Aquarium and liked it so much she wanted to go again, so one Saturday in 2011 we took the train into London and paid a visit. Naturally I took my camera along which I used to take this picture of the River Thames and the London Eye!

We were lucky with the weather because it rained hard whilst we were in the Aquarium but stopped as we came out and the sun started shining. I took lots of pictures as we walked along the river and in the walkway to the London Eye. We continued along the river bank until we came to the Waterloo Bridge where we crossed the river and I took this picture.

I fitted a Tamron 10-24mm super wide-angle lens to the Pentax K-r I used at that time and took this picture at 23mm with an exposure of 1/500 sec @ f/11. With a such a wide-angle lens that made sure that the whole scene was in focus and no chance of any camera shake.

The only post processing I carried out was to boost the contrast and colours slightly.

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