Sometimes the simplest pictures …

Sometimes the simplest pictures have a lot of impact. Maybe this isn’t one of those time you think ? Well that could be true but I find this quite an appealing picture. It was taken with a small Olympus EPL-1 pen camera in June 2011 when I had just bought the camera as a ‘pocket’ camera to keep with me at all times. As it turned out I didn’t keep the camera; it was simply too big to be termed a pocket camera, but it was a very good quality all the same. I regret that I didn’t keep it (although that’s the camera hoarder in me) because when I traded it in to get my current Pentax K-5 I only got about £130 for it.

This was taken in the field about a mile from my house on a cloudy but bright summers day; I thought the field of wheat would make an interesting abstract subject. What do you think ?

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