Family pictures – Portrait of Emma

Family pictures - Portrait of Emma 1
Pensive mood

This is a portrait I took of my Daughter Emma in the woods at Knebworth House dinosaur park. It was one of those pictures which occurred after I’d been trying to get her to pose for a picture for several minutes. I had her looking at the camera, away from the camera, pointing into the woods and a variety of other poses. Although I took several images, none of them really stood out so I had given up and was looking about for something else to shoot when I realised that she had lost herself in her own thoughts. I quickly snapped this, getting down low and using the rail she was leaning on as a lead in to the picture. Even though the camera I was using, a Pentax K200D has resulted in a fair amount of noise, the result is one of my favorite family images.

Pentax K200D
Tamron 70-300mm f4.5 Tele zoom
1/200th @ f5.6
180mm iso640

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