Family Pictures – Pergola

Family Pictures - Pergola 1

This is another picture that I took on a Family Visit to Knebworth House. Jan and the children had been walking through the pergola towards the Maze and I’d stopped to take a few pictures of the wooden tree carvings. I suddenly noticed that they had gone and when I found them they were nicely framed by the pergols in the distance with the sunlight making patterns on the ground. My camera at the time was a Pentax K200D and I had a Tamron 70-300 mm Telephoto zoom fitted. With the aperture set to f5 I took this shot as 1/400th sec which left the foreground nicely soft when I focused on the family in the distance.

At the time I didn’t use any post processing software – I shot in RAW but just used one of the in-camera presets to produce a jpeg image. Subsequently however I’ve added a touch of clarity to the image and upped the exposure by about half a stop in Lightroom.

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