Family Pictures – Knebworth House

Family Pictures - Knebworth House 1
James and Emms posing in a hollow tree

We took a trip to Knebworth House in hertfordshire in April 2011 where I took this picture of James and Emma. We discovered a hollow tree, and I thought it would make a good frame for them to pose in, which it proved to be once I’d stopped them arguing about all the things that sibling seem to find to argue about.

I turned out to be quite a nice picture. There was a fair amount of light but I still chose to use quite a fast shutter speed with a wide open aperture of f4.5. Because there was no real depth to the picture, there wasn’t any problem with depth of field, and so all the elements of the picture which are important are in focus. At the time I took this I had a Pentax K200D DSLR, which was really not noted for it’s high iso noise performance, so I think this turned out pretty good considering the iso is set to ISO 320.

Pentax K200D – 1/640 @f4.5 iso 320

Tamron 70-300 macro tele zoom @ 70mm

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