E-PL1 Flower picture

E-PL1 Flower picture 1
Flower picture. Olympus E-PL1 1/160th @ F7.1 iso200

Last year I owned an Olympus E-PL1 pen camera which I used to take this picture of a flower in my Mother-in-laws garden. By shooting up into the sky the petals were nicely set against the blue sky and I think it gives a really colorful and cheerful image.

Being a micro 4/3 sensor camera it’s possible to get some quite shallow depth of field so I had to stop the lens down quite a lot to get the majority of the flower head in focus.

Unfortunately I traded this camera in along with my Pentax K-r and Pentax K200D when I upgraded to a Pentax K-5 last year and as is usually the case I have regretted not keeping hold of it ever since. Although it didn’t really fulfill the requirement I bought it for (a pocket camera I could keep with me at all times) it was a lovely camera with a lot of nice features.

I have a set on flickr which have the rest of the pictures I took with this camera

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