Loughborough narrowboat fair

Loughborough narrowboat fair 1
Narrowboat on the Canal in Loughborough. Pentax K-r 1/1000 @f4 iso200

Whilst in Loughborough in May last year the Loughborough narrow boat fair was on which is centered on the Grand Union Canal. Obviously I took my camera along so I could get some photos of the narrow boats and also James, Emma and Janice enjoying the fun. We were lucky with the weather (which in itself was a bit of a miracle considering how bad 2012 was) and I took lots of pictures that day. The selection shown here are some of my favorites from that day, either for photographic or  family reasons.

There were several different activities set up along the side of the canal including archery. Both James and Emma had a go at that, and it was one of those rare occasions when Emma achieved a better score than James. He took it quite well, but I think it was obvious that he wasn’t totally happy that he had been beaten by his sister !

As well as the Archery there were various stalls selling items for charity and stalls with various competitions; Emma won a large monkey which she loved since she seems addicted to fluffy toys.James bought himself a bubble gun which fell apart just after we got home 🙁

It was quite an enjoyable few hours and I had an opportunity to take lots of pictures which kept me amused – all in all a successful morning.

The rest of the pictures I took that day are available on my Flickr account in a set called Loughborough narrow boat fair.

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