Sunlight through a tree

Sunlight through a tree 1
Sunlight through tree. Pentax K-5 1/160 @f/9 iso 250 25mm

This is one of my favourite images.

I took this picture in the kids playground behind the Alexandra Palace in London in September 2012 whilst Jan was visiting a craft show. James, Emma and I walked behind the Palace and they played in the playground whilst I took some pictures with my (relatively) new Pentax K-5.

I used a Sigma 18 – 125 F/3.5 HSM standard zoom lens, which I tend to have on the camera at all times.

I spotted the tree with the sunlight through and took a few images with various degrees of exposure compensation. The soft effect was created in Lightroom in Post Processing where I reduced the clarity and boosted the colours.

The other images I took that day are on my flickr account.

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