A picture of A Tree in winter

A Tree in winter
A Tree in winter

This picture, which I’ve called A Tree in Winter, is one of my favorite images from the pictures I’ve taken.

This picture was taken earlier this year (Feb 2012)  during a weekend of snow. I set out with my Pentax K-r and trekked across the fields in the snow trying to find some scenic views. This image was taken about 1/2 a mile from my house looking across the field from Stevenage towards Knebworth. I like the simplicity of the image, and the composition. I don’t like the smudge of a bird caught on the right hand side of the image, and I had to do a lot of post processing to get the exposure right because at the time I didn’t understand that the light meter in cameras is fooled by predominantly white or black scenes.

Even with these faults, I still like this picture. The other pictures in the set are on my flickr account.

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