The swans of Wells


Olivia D’Ovidio – No 38

When we were on holiday in Somerset this summer we visited the city of Wells a couple of times. On the second occasion we discovered that there has been a number of model Swans set up within the city. When we visited the Cathedral we found that it;s possible to get a list of all the swans and try to find them. This seemed just the thing to keep a couple of young children busy and interested for an afternoon so we set about finding as many as we could. Since I like taking photos, I took a picture of every swan we found, most with James and Emma.

They had great fun walking round the city finding every swan they could – in the end we found about 55  of the 70 or so which had been set up. Since a number of these were outside the city this wasn’t bad at all.

The other pictures of all the swans we saw are on Flickr

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