River Wensum view at Gogg’s Mill

River Wensum
River Wensum

We recently went to Fakenham in Norfolk for a few days to visit my Sister and Mum & Dad. Whilst we were there I took the opportunity to walk down to the river Wensum where I used to play as a child.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s changed after 40 odd years, but it’s quite a change. Large trees which I remember are completely missing with no sign of a stump or roots etc. so they mush have been completely removed. For example in the picture above there was a huge tree which grew on the bank just to the right of the bridge which would have obscured the view.

The view above is the first one I saw as I walked to the river via Hayes Lane. It’s quite peaceful there because the bypass now takes the traffic which would have been going over this lane when I was a boy. As I walked now the river bank I found several views looking over the countryside as well a quite a few ducks which live on the river.It was quite late in the day so I found I had to raise the ISO on the camera to 640 in able to shoot with my Tamron 70 – 300 mm zoom at hand held. I like this image of a duck swimming because of the reflection in the water.

The other thing which struck me is the changing nature of the river itself. I suppose you shouldn’t be surprised but there were several places in the river which, when I was a boy would have been ideal swimming places – flat sandy entrance and a nice clan river bed. Most of these are now full of weeds and wouldn’t be at all good for swimming, but other places have become good places to enter and exit the river. I wonder if anyone swims in the river now ?

From the river I took a stroll down the path which leads to Hall Staith. This too has changed slightly. Eventually I walked back into the town walking past the back of the cinema building and back to my sisters house.

There are more pictures in my Flickr photostream and set on Fakenham.

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