Dealing with unwanted Credit card offers

We aren’t so plagued as we used to be, which is probably a sign of the global downturn, but we used to get about 5 credit card offers every week and even now we still get the occasional one.  I find these unsolicited spam letters a real pain, so I’ve devised a plan to deal with them.

I open the letter and tear off any identifying sections with my name and address on. Then, I get the prepaid envelope which is supplied to accept the offer, and put all the contents in along with the original envelope the whole thing came in and post it all back the the credit card company. If you can find any other junk to bulk the envelope up so much the better.

Using this plan, the credit card offers company have to pay not only the postage to originally send the letter to us, but also the cost of the return postage and the salary of someone the open it and throw it away. Perhaps if everybody could increase their costs this way, there might be less unsolicited junk through our doors.

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